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SaaS Protection

Complete protection of Microsoft 365 and GSuite domains, with no storage limit and with a fixed monthly cost.

Datto SaaS Protection (formerly known as Backupify) is the leading cloud-to-cloud backup, recovery and protection solution for both Office 365 and Google Workspace accounts and their associated email applications (Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint , Gmail, Calendar…)

It enables the protection, restoration, archiving and search of data on these platforms. In this way, in the event of, for example, an accidental deletion of data, it can be remedied immediately, allowing the download of information to the local network or the direct recovery of the information in another user's account. It will also allow you to comply with retention policies even if the user permanently deletes the data from their online account.

As main characteristics we could highlight:

  • 3 automatic backups per day (unlimited manuals)
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Flexible contract and data retention options.
  • No minimum number of licenses and no need to license a minimum percentage of the tenant.
  • Monthly billing.