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Of course, backup, restore and business continuity solutions could not be missing. This need is covered with SIRIS and ALTO, in this way MSPs can efficiently prevent data loss and minimize downtime. In both cases we are talking about hybrid business continuity solutions with a local copy in the Datto appliance and a replica in its cloud (with redundancy in a second location if desired, at no additional cost). Thus, we cover not only a high availability scenario, but also disaster recovery. In addition, it allows you to perform a virtualization in a few minutes and work on that virtualized environment while continuing to make a backup until the local copy is restored, something essential for companies that cannot afford their activity.

As main characteristics we could highlight:

  • Server backups verified up to every five minutes.
  • Options to restore data in any scenario.
  • Instant virtualization, both locally and in the Datto cloud.
  • Built-in ransomware detection and recovery features.
  • All included in a fixed monthly fee.

Datto SIRIS is a BCDR solution built for MSPs to prevent data loss and minimize customer downtime while generating margins to grow their own business.

Datto ALTO is a small but powerful BCDR solution built for MSPs to minimize downtime and efficiently prevent data loss for their small business customers.